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Career guidelines on Clinical Research

Clinical trials and clinical research present, a safe and an effective way for the treatment which is providing a great source of opportunity for aspirants in this industry. As, India is becoming a new hub for the clinical research, it will indeed create a demand for the professionals and provide good platform for all. So, in order to get an insight of this booming field , Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Pharmacy, Akurdi, Pune in collaboration with Dysmech Clinical Services (DCS) is organizing webinar series, and the fourth webinar on "Career guidelines on Clinical Research", was conducted on 03rd July 2020, wherein Mr. Himanshu Shah, Director- Clinical Research, MSD Pharmaceuticals, guided all the participants.
The key aspects of the presentation were, how the Clinical research can work as a different world for the various career opportunities. Sir explained how the time has changed, and how the smarter generation with their practical knowledge and understanding, soft skills, self learning, with their ambitious nature can overcome the challenges and establish a successful career in clinical research. As per his views, the data is important for this, to define it properly, plan and implement and take the necessary support to achieve it. The areas for career is this filed includes – Medical writing, Biostatistics, TA Expert, Clinical data management, Data analytics to name a few.
Thus, the session ended with understanding the basics and urge to learn new things that will indeed help one to secure a good career in Clinical research.
This webinar was coordinated by Ms. Shubangi Jadhav, under the guidance of our dynamic Principal Dr. N. S. Vyawahare

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