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It is well said by Michael Allen, “There are no refunds; learners cannot get their time back if we waste it.” Let’s beat Covid-19 not learning.
Internet has tremendous reach and speed. Video coaching has come as a blessing for aspirants living in remote areas. Industry experts too believe that online video classes are a game changer for aspirants from rural parts. According to online education providers, the concept of online video programmes has replaced brick-and-mortar classrooms with virtual classes and given multiple benefits to students especially in rural areas.
Students and academicians are making maximum usage of this lockdown period to enrol into numerous courses which are available online like Swayam, Coursera, edX and many more. Students can access the detailed notes, content and free books through various online platforms like,,,, etc.
It is also a wonderful opportunity for every academician and researcher to create their own OERs (Open Educational Recourses) which not only serves the purpose of students for education but also serves as a catalyst in enhancing professional self-image. Digital initiatives help every academician to see themselves as not only teachers but creators of knowledge.
This is the time of learning and educating others and at the same time combating Covid-19.  
Pursuing this Dr. D. Y.Patil College of Pharmacy has adopted various e learning platforms like, zoom, skype, go to meeting, google meet, Microsoft meet, duo, hangout, go to meeting, go to brunch etc. and so on to learn the learners beyond their imaginary limits. 
The sky has no end, our teachers are daily taking online classes, conduction sessions, quizzes, puzzles, interaction with tutors and parents during this extensive lockdown conditions showing the ultimate passion of teaching in crisis period also. Here are some interactive photos that will speak passion of teachers and students too.

                                             Dr. V. R. Vaidya delivering session on screencastomatic module

                                            Dr. R. S. Karodi delivering online video sessions on go to meeting module

                                                               Dr. A. V. Kulkarni delivering session on Zoom module

                                                                                 Mr. S. S. Kshirsagar delivering sessions on You tube

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