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आतां कोठें धांवे मन ।
तुझे चरण देखिलिया ॥१॥
भाग गेला सीण गेला ।
अवघा जाला आनंद ॥२॥
प्रेमरसें बैसली मिठी ।
आवडी लाठी मुखाशी ॥३॥
तुका ह्मणे आह्मां जोगें ।
विठ्ठला घोगें खरें माप ॥४॥
                                                                    Sant Tukaram …..

Every year, thousands of devotees walk a route in western Maharashtra that runs from Alandi (32 kilometres north of Pune) to Pandharpur (250 kilometres to the southeast). The sole focus of the pilgrims is to reach Pandharpur and offer their respects to Lord Viṭṭhal. The journey generally takes eighteen to twenty days to complete. During the pilgrimage season, braving both scorching heat and heavy rains, the pilgrims sway and dance to hymns for their diety.
The Faculty, non teaching and students of Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Pharmacy, Akurdi, Pune-411044 along with the NSS unit provided primary health services to devotees who are part of the Pandharpur Wari, which passed through Akurdi yesterday. The organisers extended these services to the devotees of Sant Tukaram Maharaj palkhis, which starts from Dehu towards Akurdi. 
The teaching staff, non teaching staff and over 100 students from DYPCOP distributed OTC medicaments to the warkaris. We appreciate their gesture and thank them for the same. Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Pharmacy, Akurdi is thankful to the alumni who helped us collect the medicines.  We are thankful to Dhiraj Surana, Harishchandra Maske, Rahul Lendave , Vicky Rathod , Sachin Mali, Nagesh Debgunde, Sagar Gade for their positive gesture.

                                               Distribution of Medicines to Police officers on duty by Principal Dr.N. S. Vyawahare

                                                     Distribution of Medicines to Police officers on duty by Faculty Dr.V. R. Vaidya


                                                                     Distribution of OTC Medicines to Warkaris by faculty Mr. M. T. Mohite

                                                                     Participation in Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi Sohala 2019

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